Our Team

Kenneth Berg, President /CEO:   Mr. Berg is highly recognized and widely respected in the health care industry for his administrative abilities and accomplishments.  He received his MBA in Health Care Administration from Bernard M. Baruch College/Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.  His career began at the Hospital for Joint Diseases Medical Center in New York as the Administrator of Orthopedics.  Upon moving to the State of Florida, Mr. Berg served as President/CEO for a number of South Florida Hospitals including Doctors Hospital of Hollywood, Universal Medical Center, and Parkway Regional Medical Center.  As a result of his success as a Hospital Administrator, he was promoted by Universal Health Services, Inc. to Regional Director of Florida Hospitals where, in this capacity, he developed a number of highly successful hospital based neurological testing centers.  Recently, Mr. Berg completed a successful tenure as CEO of Century City Hospital, a flagship hospital for Tenet HealthCare Inc., located in Los Angeles, California.  For the past 25 years Mr. Berg has served as the President and CEO of Neurological Testing Centers, Inc. and Palm Rehabilitaiton Center Inc.

Eddie Sassoon MD, Medical Director:  Dr. Sassoon is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  He received his medical degree from the University of South Florida, College of Medicine; and his Post-doctoral training and internship at Nassau County Medical Center, New York. Since 1988, Dr. Sassoon has practiced medicine in the State of Florida and has provided medical care to patients in private practice, as well as neuological testing centers.  Presently, Dr. Sassoon serves as a medical director of the Burn Unit at Sunrise Rehabilitation Hosptial.  He is a member of the American Medical Association, the  American Congress and Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  In 1986, Dr. Sassoon was awarded 1st place honors by the Annual Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for "Rehabilitation of Generic Amputee with Parkinson's Disease," and is currently performing research of Somatosensentry Evoked Potential in Radiculopathy-correlation with dermatomal studies and applications of thermographic imaging in evaluation of soft tissue pain.  Dr. Sassoon currently holds the position of Medical Director of NTCA.

Our Medical Staff Members Include:

   -  Eddie E. Sassoon, MD (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

   -  Paul Wand, MD   (Neurology)

   -  Victoria Gaus, MD  (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

   -  Gerald Hoffman, DO  (Internal Medicine/Pain Mgmt)

   -  Yuriy Kozyr  (Registered Neurological Technician)

   -  Roger Hagelberger  (Neurological Technician)

   -  Thelma Rosa (Licensed Medical Assistant)