Mobile Diagnostic Services

Extending our services to expand yours

In today's rapidly changing, and sometimes oppressive medical environment, healthcare professionals are taking control of their medical practice by exploring new business opportunities with programs that will significantly increase patient revenues while creating more in-office comprehensive services for their patients.  

Neurological Testing Centers of America, Inc. (NTCA) enjoys the unique distinction of being one of the leading mobile diagnostic testing companies in South Florida.  By combining the expertise of Board Certified physicians, registered neurological technicians and state of the art diagnostic testing equipment, NTCA enables you to offer a broad spectrum of on-site specialized neurological testing services to ensure quality care and practice profitability.


The NTCA Advantage

   - Quality

   - Convenience

   - Control

   - Profitability

The NTCA advantage begins with our total commitment to quality patient care which is evidenced by our experienced neurological technicians, all supervised by our Board Certified Medical Director.  Your patients will have the convenience of being tested in the comfort of your medical offices.  By eliminating the necessity of referring to other specialists you maintain control and retain complete autonomy of your patient's care.   Utilizing NTCA's services will generate a new source of revenue for your medical practice and serve as a significant business asset to help you achieve profitability in the years ahead.

Electro-Diagnostic  Interpretations  

NTCA's medical staff are all licensed and experienced in the interpretations of NCV's.  Our medical staff is currently licensed to interpret electrodiagnostic studies performed in the following states:  

     -    Florida                          -   New York                           -  Illinois                         -  California

     -    Georgia                        -   New Jersey                       -  Indiana                        -  Arizona

     -    Kentucky                      -   Pennsylvania                   -  Michigan                     -  Colorado

     -    Tennessee                  -   Connecticut                       -  Iowa                            -  Virginia