About Us

Neurological Testing Centers of America, Inc. is a multi-specialty practice bringing together under one roof a group of highly trained, experienced physicians and technicians, and extensive state-of-the-art diagnostic testing with facilities in Dade and Broward county. Our highly trained staff of Board Certified and Board Eligible specialists, as well as registered Technicians, work as a team, consulting regularly and collaborating to provide patients with thorough, in-depth care and ensuring a comfortable patient experience.  We provide diagnostic testing on site as well as on a mobile basis, which means we are able to schedule diagnostic studies in a wide geographic area without delay, and report test results promptly enabling physicians to evaluate current health status and/or establish appropriate treatment plans.

Services Provided

*  Neurological and Physiatric consultations and evaluations.

*  I.M.E.  (Independent Medical Evaluations)

*  E.M.C. - PIP Emergency Medical Condition Evaluations

*  Electro-Diagnostic Testing

       - EMG

       - NCV

*  Electro-Diagnostic Interpretations (NCV/EMG)

*  Mobile Diagnostic Testing

*  Pharmaceutical Services  (Workers Compensation patients only)

*  Physical Therapy Services - provided through affiliated rehabilitation company Palm Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Administrative and Medical Personnel fluent in English, Spanish, French, Creole and Russian